Our exterior painting specialists are ready to bring life back to your house and raise its market value!

Renew your exterior painting with those who have been delivering high quality services for over 10 years! We offer agility, efficiency, and commitment.

How it works

Unfortunately, your home is exposed to a lot of damage on a daily basis, such as sudden changes in weather conditions, stains, rain, and many other factors that you do not even notice in your daily life.

This is why it is so important to redouble your attention to your house exterior and we at TM Painting are here to help you restore perfection to your home’s painting.

We use the best products and materials in the market for you to have the best result. All of this is done by highly trained, insured and experienced professionals.

Our exterior painting service is for:

Top benefits of doing exterior house painting with TM Painting & Plus

Raises your house market value

Protection against natural weather conditions

It keeps termites away

Prolongs the durability of your siding

Great benefit-cost ratio

We represent top market products and manufactures

Advantages of hiring our services

Quality and Excellence

We use the best tools and techniques to perform the service for which we were hired. We have experience in the market, and we know what works and what doesn't.

We do a Personalized Service for Your Needs

We take each service seriously, and to deliver a quality job we make an estimate and put together a customized project to solve all your needs.

We Follow an Organization and Cleaning Protocol

After we finish our work, we follow a protocol where the client gives the final word about the service we performed. Every part we work on is presented to the client for his approval. We respect your money and want you to be satisfied.

We Meet All Deadlines

Every service that involves painting, carpentry and remodeling generates a little discomfort, because before everything looks beautiful, everything gets disorganized. However, with TM Painting we respect your home and your family and do a fast job and on time.

About us

TM Painting has been in the market delivering satisfaction and quality to all our clients for over 10 years.

We respect your property, perform the service with great organization and cleanliness, and treat your place as if it were our own.

Our professionals are highly skilled and deliver exactly what was agreed upon and a little bit more in order to make sure that our clients are satisfied.
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